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New car protection process - Total time of treatment 6-9 Hours

  • Full IPA Wipe down to provide a clean surface
  • Vehicle ‘snow foamed’ and left to dwell for 10 minutes
  • Exterior wash using specialist ph neutral cleaners & plush wash mitts
  • Carpets & seats protected using Gtechniq i1 fabric protectant
  • Paintwork inspected under halogen lamps, any marks or defects in the paint are removed
  • Iron fallout remover applied to the whole vehicle paintwork
  • Paintwork clayed to remove any bonded containments
  • Anti static dressing applied to interior plastics
  • Leather upholstery cleaned & protected to prevent dye transfer from clothes
  • Engine bay cleaned & protected
  • Rain repellent applied to all glass
  • Door jams & inner arches cleaned in detail
  • Tyres & rubber seals dressed and protected with a UV sealant
  • All interior surfaces cleaned & dusted using various detail brushes
  • Wheels sealed to prevent brake dust baking on (including inner surfaces)
  • Cquartz nano coating applied
  • Interior vacuumed
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