• Professional Boat Marine Valeting, Cleaning, Detailing

  • We provide a mobile boat cleaning and boat detailing support. We've just obtained our new boat, that's especially created with substantial water tanks to pressure thoroughly clean and detail your boat or yacht on your mooring with no inconvenience of getting to maneuver.

    Our tension cleaning which gets rid of seagull droppings, salt and abnormal construct of filth is incredibly great worth.
    To guide your pressure clean or boat detailing service you should -provided and return the form
  • Our Boat Valet Exterior, Interior And Full Valeting Prices

    Full Interior Valet: €6.50/feet

    - Plastics and woods cleaned and dressed
    - Deodorising.
    - Waste removing
    - Hoovering
    - Carpets shampooed

    Full Ext. Valet: €10/feet

    - Hand wash and drying
    - Fenders and canopy washed
    - Awning power washed and carpet cleaned
    - Plastics cleaned and dressed
    - Chrome polished
    - Wax
    - Top hand polish
    - Glass cleaning and polishing in. and ext.

    Mini Exterior Valet: €6.50/feet

    - Drying
    - Glass and Chrome Cleaned
    - Basic Hand Wash

    Full Valet: €16/feet

    - Full Exterior & Full Interior

    Machine Polishing €15/feet